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Jacek Pałkiewicz Ambassador of Masuria

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Palkiewicz ambassador of Mazury

Jacek Palkiewicz, a reporter and explorer who identified the sources of the Amazon River and created survival in Europe, will be "the Ambassador of Masuria" as a part of the "Masuria - the Wonder of Nature" campaign.

"We have been keen on finding a very special 'Ambassador of Masuria', someone who will be associated with expeditions, discoveries, contact with nature, and who is a recognized traveller and explorer in Poland and but all over the world, and he would become the face of the 'Masuria - the Wonder of Nature' campaign", explains Jacek Protas, the Marshal of the Region of Warmia and Masuria as well as the Chairman of the Official Committee supporting Masurian Lakes in the "New7Wonders" competition.

This is Mazury not Alaska This is Mazury not Amazonia This is Mazury not Australia This is Mazury not Croatia This is Mazury not Finland This is Mazury not Spain This is Mazury not Holland This is Mazury not Mexico This is Mazury not Tanzania This is Mazury not Italy

Photography by: Wojciech Wojcik, Mieczyslaw Wieliczko, Andrzej Stachurski, Ryszard Czerwinski.
Creative idea of comparitions by: Mateusz Obarek / Studio Gravite

Jacek Palkiewicz becomes the ambassador of the "Masuria - the Wonder of Nature" campaign

In a few day's time an agreement will be signed between the Local Government of the Region of Warmia and Masuria and Jacek Palkiewicz, who will from now on be promoting the Polish candidate-finalist in the international competition of the "New7Wonders" Swiss Foundation for the New 7 Wonders of Nature.

"I am happy that Mr Jacek Pa_kiewicz agreed to be the 'Ambassador of Masuria'. I'm also convinced that his involvement will strengthen the activities aimed at an even greater promotion of Poland and at demonstrating the beauty of the Land of a Thousand Lakes";, Marshal Protas stated.

Palkiewicz Komorowski Masuria
Palkiewicz Masurian Lake District ambassador

"I have seen many resplendent works of nature which produced astonishment and admiration, and which inspired poets and painters",´ says Jacek Palkiewicz. "Masuria holds ground with the best of them. We can be proud of having in the heart of industrialized Europe this pearl of a landscape. Masuria has the potential of captivating every single traveller. I promised Mister Marshal, Jacek Protas that I will be actively involved in the activities aimed at showing its beauty. This is a unique opportunity to draw the attention of the foreign tourists to Polish tourist product. It is also an incredible chance for expanding our image and promoting our country. It will be hard work", Palkiewicz claims emphatically.

The tasks of the "Ambassador of Masuria" will include lobbying for the promotion of the Polish finalist in the New 7 Wonders of Nature competition in the highest state authorities, government institutions and national tourist organisations as well as engaging the media in order for the "Masuria - the Wonder of Nature" project to become the biggest promotional enterprise in the history of Polish tourism.

"We cannot waste such a great opportunity for making Poland more popular", Jacek Palkiewicz assures us. "The perception of Poland on the international arena does not have to be limited to the achievements of John Paul II and Lech Walesa. Bogdan Borusewicz, the Marshal of the Senate, has already offered his help. I'm convinced that President Bronislaw Komorowski will also be ready to show support and will help mobilize the public opinion to vote for the Polish candidate", the traveller concludes.

Palkiewicz Kwasniewski Masuria
Palkiewicz Hermaszewski Masuria
Palkiewicz Walesa Masuria
Palkiewicz Dziwisz Masuria

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