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Mr Jacek Palkiewicz Ph. D., an Italo-Polish reporter, explorer, discoverer of true source of amazon river, for over 40 years travels throuout the world. He is a well known authority in art of survivale. Together with his wife Linda Vernola who is a painter, live in Bassano Del Grappa near Venice and in Warsaw.

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Jacek graduated in Geographical Sciences and was made a Fellow of the prestigious Royal Geographical Society in London. He has visited all geographical zones and inaccessible small corners of our planet searching and documenting the last primitive ethnic minorities, frequently traveling in the style of a nineteenth century discover.

One of the first challenges he undertook was in 1975, crossing the Atlantic alone in a lifeboat. In 1989 he led an expe­dition "The Cool Pole" (Yakutsk-Oymiakon, 1.200 km) to the coldest place in Siberia (-71,2°C) with only a reindeer sledge, followed by the 1994 Cosmonaut's Ecological Mission in Siberia, under the patronage of President Boris Eltsin.

Jacek founded the art of survival, constantly in search of finding the ultimate limits under extreme conditions of nature. Over the years he has been a Consultant to the Russian Cosmonauts Training Centre and trained top Counter-Terrorist Troops in extreme conditions in various climatic zones.

In 1996 he led the amazing scientific expedition "Amazon Source '96", which established the actual source of the river Amazon (the Apacheta stream flows from the Nevado Quehuisha, altitude 5.170 m This discovery was accepted by Lima's Geographic Society and is now certified that the river is the longest in the world (7,040 km). In 2011 the Peruvian Government placed a monument with a commemorative plate on the Source of the Amazon River.

In 2003, by decree from the president of the Italian Republic, Jacek Palkiewicz was bestowed with the Official Honours of the Order of Knighthood in recognition of his contribution to the Italian Republic. In 2010 he was awarded with the Golden Cross "Pro Ecclesia et Pontefice" by Pope Benedict XVI.

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Having written many books documenting his adventures, he is the author of more than 20 books on adventure, publishing his reportages in many prestigious European magazines. More recently, he was made Ambassador of the Masurian Lake District (in Poland) for the "New 7 Wonders of Nature" competition, where Masuria was ranked most beautiful natural place in Europe and between the 8th - 14th position out of 440 competitors in the World.

Bringing us up to date, we can read his life achievements and adventures which are summarized in the biography "Palkiewicz, droga odkrywcy" (Palkiewicz, the Explorer’s Road) by Andrzej Kaplanek.

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