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Dubai The true face

Dubai The true face

Dubai which you never knew... or didnt want to knew!

Jacek Palkiewicz

Until now nobody wrote about the Emirate like he did. Palkiewicz destroys the common myths about Dubai, showing the true face of the temple of luxury: the lack of civil liberties, repression and slavery working conditions for laborers. As he says, petrodollars provide for Dubai indulgence of the world, which doesn’t have the courage to struggle for human rights over its own economic interests.

Published: 2016. Publisher: Zysk i S-ka.

Uncomfortable truth has its price

Writing this book costed Jacek Palkiewicz being BANNED FOR LIFE from Dubai and unprisonment upon returning!

This book by Jacek Palkiewicz pulled me in from the first moment I took it in my hands. It spurred my imagination and curiosity. Dubai, which I have dreamed of and the one that I met on the pages of this book are two, unimaginable for me, completely different worlds. For several years I planned to discover for myself this Atlantean mystery. I was fascinated by the descriptions of amazing architectural wealth, I was tempted by many attractive tourist offers which advertised Dubai as a paradise on earth. This book, from which I couldn’t stopped reading, destroyed that dream of mine. It awaken rebellious emotions in me which surprised me. With each and every page that of this book I was more and more sure that Dubai will never become a place for my holiday. I won’t relax amongst millions of tons of glass and concrete, without contact with nature. I won’t be impressed by finest shopping malls and luxury hotels because now I know that all that is an result of laborers working in slavery conditions. I don’t won’t to become like a mindlessly fascinated by all Dubai’s wealth and luxury tourist. That was my reflection after reading this book. It opened my eyes and I recommend it to everyone who wants to know what’s the true face of Dubai.

Iza Owczarek

For years now Jacek connects us love for adventure and friendship. He writes books in quick, soldierly way, which I like. And now the story about Dubai: ostentatious splendor in which grandsons of Bedouin live and on the other hand, what the tourists never see because the absolute monarchy does not want the world to see emirates backyard. And finally a lyric motive: By this trip to Dubai Jacek repays debt to his wife, Linda - after forty years of marriage for the first time they have a chance to go on (five-star) holiday.

Wojciech Cejrowski

Dubai by Palkiewicz is in fact the end of some era. Here, frequenter of the Amazon jungle, explorer of Siberia, discoverer, lands between the skyscrapers and crowds of tourists. It’s like the world of wild and undiscovered lands has suddenly shrank, leaving not enough space for him, or not being enough for him. Desperation? Or maybe - conversely - dictated by the maturity the discovery that the jungle is amongst people which is the most unexplored dimension of reality? Good and evil, that what is the most important in the world, is most deeply hidden right there? Fascinating is his work of explorers in the world sheikhs, tribal clans, Russian prostitutes and Pakistani slaves. We learn something new about the world, the most modern of worlds.

Boguslaw Chrabota "Rzeczpospolita (newspaper)"

Palkiewicz takes us to the modern Babylon. It's exciting and dangerous expedition. He shows the price of building a paradise on the sands of the desert. Dubai drips of gold and blood. But for me, the most important part of this book is unplanned journey into the depths of his heart. Tough survival expert and veteran reveals himself as a romantic lover, whose life can be shaken by something as little as a rose petal.

Jan Grzegorczyk

Dubai is like a sparkling diamond, but diamond with numerous flaws.

Beata Tyszkiewicz

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Palkiewicz Dubai The true face

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