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The Polish Indiana Jones

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The Polish Indiana Jones, E-book, Edition 2018

The Polish Indiana Jones

Author Jacek Palkiewicz, McGraw Publisher New York 2018.
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"The Polish Indiana Jones" is a book that is a collection of reportages from Jacek Palkiewicz's expeditions, travels and survival trainings that he accomplished during his long and fruitful carrier. In this publication a reader will find many full of adrenalin adventures, exciting expeditions, authors discovery of the source of the Amazon river, trainings of astronauts and special forces from all over the world, exotic places and cultures which can be found in places that only few have herd of.

"The Polish Inidana Jones" is based on one of Jacek Palkiewicz's most popular book which has so far 10 editions, with the original title "Pasja zycia" (Life's passion).

This interesting book is enriched by many photographs from authors archive.

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