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Bloodless tigers hunting

Jacek Palkiewicz bloodless tigers hunting in Russian Far East

Year of expedition: 1988


Every year some hunters of the region Primorie in Russian Far East receive the permissions to chase the young Siberian Tigers for the Zoo. The hunting is difficult and dangerous, because 'he is not able' to use the weapons.

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Jacek Palkiewicz has taken part in one of these exciting hunts. He also met a hunter from the ethnic tribe called Goldi, an experience that carried him back in time to the era of the famous Dersu Uzala (see Kurosawa’s film) Siberian tigers (Panthera tigris altaica) or Amur tiger, are on the verge of extinction. The captive population of these animals is larger than is the wild population. There are about 250 Siberian Tigers in various zoos of the world; in the wild this species is found in Siberia only and is estimated between 330 and 370 adults in the Sikhote-Alin mountain.

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Siberian tigers were hunted heavily in the beginning of the 20th century during the building of the Chinese railroad. And, only in 1947, Tiger hunting was prohibited and the shooting of important Tiger prey was limited. After the second word war less than 50 Siberian Tigers remained in the wild. With the dissolution of the USSR, the poaching and foreign trade in Tiger body parts increased. The main threat to the population of Siberian Tigers comes from the Asian medicine market. Practically all body parts of this species are used in traditional medicine to cure a great number of diseases.

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