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Jacek Palkiewicz expedition to Patagonia

Year of expedition: 2010

South America

At the End of the Earth. Natural Beauty, solitude and silence in some of the most dramatic landscapes on earth.

Patagonia photos

Palkiewicz Patagonia 1
Palkiewicz Patagonia 2

Between Buenos Aires and Ushuaia, the city farthest to the south and the gateway to the Antarctic, there are mote than 3.000 kilometres to cross and a solid psychological barrier to be scaled. Even those who haven’t read Bruce Chatwin will realize that reaching the extreme south involves making a journey that’s more internal than physical. The homogeneity of the globalised world has not yet touched the rocks of the Strait of Magellan, and travellers experience the sensation of being outside time and space. Far from everything, perhaps even oneself.

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