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He is a colorful figure, a hyperactive individual with inexhaustible reserves of energy, iron health and ruthless determination. Whatever he does is accomplished with unrivaled drive and passion, as if each day was his last and there was nothing to lose. The unbridled, animal desire that is often visible in his emotional attachments sometimes reaches the level of a heart attack.

He has all the personality traits of a born leader: decision-making ability, faith in his own decisions, confidence, optimism, resistance to stress, objective judgment and common sense in interpersonal relations. His is a master at organization. An expedition under extremely difficult conditions to Borneo ended in success only because of smooth functioning logistics. Jacek's charisma, which creates the will to accept his severe discipline, makes it possible to maintain high morale for many long weeks and therefore ensures mental strength and maximum physical exertion. It is precisely thanks to the imposition of these strict criteria, applied across the board to all participants, that none of more than a dozen expeditions has ended in failure.

Fascinating travels also involve, however, great difficulty, fear, discomfort, stress and sometimes near death experiences. Despite this he is unable to sit safely at home longer than two weeks at a time. It would seem that he is unable to satisfy his unusual need for thrills and the challenge of overcoming difficulty. The admirable explorations made by this restless nomad are the subject of numerous European publications. Methodic in his actions, he brings shocking news from his travels, telling of legends and inflaming the human imagination. Jacek's accounts, highly accessible to the reader, are stripped of unnecessary embellishment.

His own catalogue of books includes more than a dozen titles.

Sensitive to female beauty, he is frequently seen in the company of models and gorgeous Brazilian beauties. Nonetheless, his greatest fascination remains his wife Linda. "He is able to attract attention from women who value his charisma and personality", said once Ursula Andress, Sean Connery's partner in the film James Bond 007 and the recipient of a Golden Globe in 2001 for being the sexiest of all the Bond girls.

In the summer of 1997 this tireless explorer appeared in a new manifestation. At that time it was revealed that he had long been involved in the problems connected with counteracting international terrorism. Now with the blessing of several European countries, he has taken on the training of elite counter-terrorist teams, teaching them to survive in the extremely difficult conditions of the desert, high mountains and poles. These training sessions are designed to prepare commandos for special assignments abroad as well as reinforce international cooperation.

Palkiewicz walking on ice Soldier training with Palkiewicz

One day Jacek was contacted by the secretary of an international corporation, who asked him whether he would be willing to organize a so-called incentive trip, intended to strengthen the bonds between employees and their firm, motivate them to greater productivity as well as increase levels of integration and solidarity within the team – all of this in grand adventure style, accompanied by physical exertion, tourist attractions, training, the thrill of emotion and fun. Jacek's experience, rigor, organizational and leadership abilities allowed him to guarantee this organization a quality and unforgettable program. A luxurious and exotic trip to the desert of Skeleton Coast in Namibia turned out to be a dream vacation for distributors from the electronics sector and as a result the company was pleased with its investment.

Another time Jacek received a proposal to organize "a vacation with adrenaline and entirely new and exciting experiences" for a group of managers employed by a well-known export company, active people, stressed and subjected to a great deal of pressure at work. In order to avoid a slower tempo to the one which they were accustomed to and a loss of motivation, they went in search of new experiences and at the same time active relaxation. Jacek heard: "Cost is no object. They will, of course, travel in 1st class and after returning from the wilderness live in the Hotel Ritz where they will recover after the difficult expedition."

He accepted the commission without a great deal of enthusiasm. The first few day both sides sized each other up: they still had doubts about overcoming the difficulties they faced, while he feared whether he was able to keep the entire group under control. As it turned out, no one failed. The instructor of elite teams of special forces was also able to handle a very demanding group of individuals. Later he revealed that he had taken along a small bottle of Martell, which he pulled out one evening in order to relief tension and stress. "Jacek is firm and demanding, but his great charisma is able to facilitate positive group dynamics", commented one the trip participants.

The Palkiewicz home in the elegant suburbs of Bassano del Grappa is not only an oasis of rest, but also a gallery of aboriginal and Amazon Indian art. The dining room features a fantastic collection of Linda's paintings, among which it is impossible to choose favorites – still lives painted in oil or charcoal landscapes. Another branch of that home is an apartment in Warsaw.

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