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Italian Corriere della Sera wrote that Palkiewicz is an apolitical guy, unaffiliated with any one grouping, which probably explains why at any time of day or night he could call the last three presidents of Poland, two of the last residents of the Kremlin as well as a few other European leaders.

The Palkiewiczs have a busy social calendar. A souvenir gallery includes photos of many well-known figures: famous English explorer Freya Stark, called "Lawrence of Arabia in a skirt", Eduard Shevarnadze, Archbishop Bronislaw Dabrowski, a long-time secretary of the Polish Episcopate, writer Carlo Cassola and legendary reporter Oriana Falacci. Also found here is a likeness of Ursula Andress as well as Italian parliamentarian and grandson of the Duce, Alessandra Mussolini, Zbigniew Boniek, Jerzy Kukuczka, Adriano Celentano, cosmonauts Dhanibiekow and Shatalov, Claudia Cardinale and many other faces.

Jacek's vacations typically have an urban character. For years he and Linda have traveled to the same places: Spain, Istanbul, Warsaw, Buenos Aires and Indochina. "Spain acts on myself and my husband like a magnet", Linda says. "It is a colorful world of tradition, many world religions, the Gypsy folklore of Andalusia, the flamenco and bull fighting. As a painter I am inspired by the fiesta taurina, a choreographed event and concert of memorable impressions."

Argentina has always attracted the restless traveler. I am convinced that this is the work of the tango, which acts like a drug. "Once it was said that the dance, saturated with passion and expression, was loose and provocative because it was born in bordellos and port dives", says Jacek. "I don't delve into its history. It is enough that I am enchanted by the magical rhythm and sensual moves of the dancers, nostalgia and sentimentalism, the guiding idea behind the tango and all of that which lends to the panorama of life in Argentina."

During trips to Istanbul they always stay at the Hotel Mercure in room 1711 on the 17th floor. "From there we can see the best view of the city, sunset on the Golden Horn, the delicate shapes of minarets and the shining mosque of Solomon", Linda says. The romantic beauty of the Far East is a challenge for the couple. "As the years pass some places are called differently than they were before", says Jacek. "Saigon is now known as Ho Chi Minh, Ceylon as Sri Lanka, Siam — Thailand, Burma — Myanmar, but my memory will also operate according to the historic names, full of magic and mystery."

Palkiewicz in crashed plain Palkiewicz on Siberia

"You can be a tough guy, but when a person lives on the edge, he has to become familiar with fear?" I say provocatively. The answer is an aggressive question: "Why not?! Whoever does not know fear is taking the risk of not returning home. That means he was unable to recognize a hidden danger in time. The proper use of fear is the father of caution. Fear is the key to reserves of energy, a way to activate hidden abilities."

He approaches every aim with great caution and determination. Stubbornness drives him forward even when everything indicates that there is no chance the objective can be achieved. He is ready to make the largest sacrifices, take advantage of every element of physical or mental training. Once, before a trip across the Sahara, he ate a can of salted sardines and then refrained from drinking water. In preparation for an expedition to the South Pole, he slept all winter on his balcony.

The Italian weekly Panorama, which has devoted such a large article to Jacek, underlining his enormous engagement on various fronts, wrote that the adventures of Palkiewicz are legend and his unusually rich life could certainly become the material for a fascinating action film.


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