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His intriguing life and restless temperament have been compared to the unusual adventures of Marco Polo. Accounts of the Venetian explorer were so full of fascinating events and descriptions of the world that they provoked disbelief in their authenticity. Those who have never set foot outside of their own home accused him of exaggeration and embellishment of the truth. When the explorer was on his deathbed, friends and family begged him to correct and edit the text of his book "in order to make it more believable." At the time Polo claimed that he had described a mere fragment of that which he had seen during many years of exploration. I am reminded of that scene when Jacek shared with me a certain fact from a meeting with the author in the ladies Lions Club in Verona. Sitting near a woman he described as "a woman of a mature age, who smiled as if wanting to say: I still remember what pleasure is." She commented in a whisper to a friend sitting nearby: "What an active imagination!" Since that time Jacek has rarely revealed his achievements.

On television he looks completely different than in photographs from his expeditions. Supposedly, when he turned 50, Linda required him to start wearing a shirt and tie on social occasions and official events. He does it willingly for her, but admits to feeling more comfortable in jeans and a sweater.

In the room which houses all the equipment needed to travel to every corner of the world, one closet is reserved for clothing appropriate for the desert, the Amazon, Siberia, etc. He is ready to travel at a moment's notice, a habit that remains from his years as a special correspondent. When asked by the editor how soon he should reserve a seat on a transcontinental flight, Jacek's answer was typically: "Send a taxi to my home in 15 minutes."

Today is no exception. A special, consuming passion pushes him towards yet other challenges, continuing his life's script.

Gabriella Bordignon
Based on Jacek Palkiewicz book "Lifes passion" (published by Zysk i S-ka in 2007).


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