Starting from early years of 1970 books written by Jacek Palkiewicz are present in bookstores. He writes about his travels, expeditions, journeys (he made an impressive amount of them in his carrier), his discoveries and achievements, and also about the art of survival, of which he is trainer. Amongst his books you will also find publications about history and documentaries.

His work as a writer equals to over 40 book publications including new and updated editions, not only in Polish, but also in Italian, Russian and English. It is worth mentioning that the book “Tajna misja” (Wyd. MON 1974) was published in over 400.000 copies, and “Pasja Zycia” had until now 10 editions.

Guide to Polish literature from XVI to XXI century of 500 Polish books that are worth reading in a liftime (Muza 2012) added “Siberia” by Jacek Palkiewicz to books that for many different reasons are worth to know.

In 2014 Jacek Palkiewicz took 4th place in ranking (by Press) of polish writers which have most translations of their work.