I am not a jealous person, even of Kapuscinski I was just a little jealous. But of Jacek Palkiewicz I am very jealous and I envy him.

Wojciech Gielzynski

Palkiewicz frightens, warns and teaches what to do, to be scared less.

Jacek Żakowski (Polityka)

Jacek Palkiewicz conform his life to the need of exploration of the most unfriendly regions of the world.

Pino Nicotri (L’Espresso)

I think that Jacek Palkiewicz as an ambassador of Masuria district is the best choice!

Andrzej Wajda

I am proud of the fact that Jacek Palkiewicz considers me as a friend.

Juri Sienkiewicz

Jacek Palkiewicz charmed by the Angkor and by the dark secrets of medieval Khmer culture, with great passion and dedication shows them to the world.

Federico Mayor (General director of UNESCO)

There are many travelers and explorers but Palkiewicz is only one.

Rafał Geremek (Newsweek)

Jacek Palkiewicz deserves to be included in a gallery of the most well known travelers of our times.

Corriere della Sera

Jacek has a courage to do what we – little boys – can only dream of. And one more thing – he knows how to write about it…

Boguslaw Linda

My congratulations for the hero of the last geographic discovery of our times.

Ricardo Marquez Flores (former vice-president of Peru)

I still have a hope that Jacek will take me on some exotic adventure.

Lech Walesa

I have great respect for Palkiewicz in light of his unusual accomplishments in exploration.

Thor Heyerdahl

If Jacek had been born in the times of Columbus, South America would speak Polish. This is a strong man with a rich personality.

Aleksander Gudzowaty

Jacek Palkiewicz, one of the most famous traveler-explorers. He has reached the most remote and unusual corners of our planet. His books and documentaries are read with great interest around […]

Michail Gorbaczow