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Jacek Palkiewicz

Explorer and traveler

Reporter and explorer, resides in Cassola in the Vicenza province of northern Italy. Founder of art of survivel in Europe. A graduate in Geographical Sciences, before becoming a journalist he was a mate officer, diamond prospector in Sierra Leone, and skipper of big yachts. He has been a glider pilot and karate black belt.

Jacek Palkiewicz, Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society.

Royal Geographical Society
New Silk Road 2018 expedition

New Silk Road 2018

Newest project of Jacek Palkiewicz international expedition.

New Silk Road 2018 expedition, starts: May 2018.

Official website

Exploration of remnants and influences of the Silk Road in the past, on the present and the future, and tourism potential.

"Silk Road • Exploration • Potential • History • Culture • Journey"

Teaser 2 of the New Silk Road 2018 expedition

Official teaser of the New Silk Road 2018 expedition

Dubaj The true face Jacek Palkiewicz special 2 edition 2017

Discover the true face of Dubai in new, exciting book by Jacek Palkiewicz. Special, II edition 2017.


The true face

You never knew this side of Dubai!

Original title "Dubaj Prawdziwe oblicze".

Because of that book Dubai for Jacek Palkiewicz is FOREVER CLOSED!

More about book


Expeditions, journeys, adventures and trainings led by Jacek Palkiewicz.

See where he was, where he travelled and what adventures he had.

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Read about experiances, thoughts and reflections of the traveler.

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Photos from expeditions and journeys showing parts of the world that not many have seen.

Photos showing real world without media discolorations.

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" If Jacek had been born in the times of Columbus, South America would speak Polish. This is a strong man with a rich personality. "

Aleksander Gudzowaty

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