Jacek Pałkiewicz and his expeditions, travels and survival internships

Since his early years Jacek Palkiewicz was always interested in travelling. While growing up, the art of survival, which of later on he became a trainer, joined his interests. He is also a founder of first school of the art of survival in Europe. In his carrier as an explorer and traveler he made well over 100 expeditions, journeys and survival trainings.

He has travelled to different, sometimes very unfriendly and isolated parts of the world. Extreme conditions and challenges became his life. He has trained astronauts, Special Forces and commando units in art of survival. He travelled to places where in the past were living long gone ethnic groups and civilizations or to places where there was something left of them, still resisting influences of modern civilizations and life style.

Based on his travels, expeditions, discoveries and survival experiences he has wrote an impressive amount of books and guids.

Read about Jacek Palkiewicz’s travels, expeditions and journeys. See where he has been, what did he explored and discovered. See parts of the world you may have never heard of. Join his adventures by checking out the expeditions listed below. Read Jacek Palkiewicz’s descriptions, reportages and comments about each of the journeys and expeditions (all with photographs).

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